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  • Health for you and for the earth


    We are a family-run company that has been committed to providing people with healthy and organic food for 45 years.

    For this reason, we produce vegetable preserves and fruit juices from quality and nearby organic and biodynamic agriculture, respectful of the health of people, the land and the environment.

  • Caring for people

    We offer natural food to those people who opt for enjoying a conscious and quality day-to-day diet

  • Caring for the product

    We make canned vegetables and fruit juices without any preservatives, keeping all the nutrients, flavour and naturalness of a fresh seasonal product.

  • Caring for the Earth

    We use raw materials issued from organic and biodynamic agriculture, healthy, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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    We have held the Demeter quality certification since 1991. This international seal of approval certifies the biodynamic farming method, which we apply to our crops and harvested products, such as our tomatoes.

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  • Cal Valls biodiversidad

    Protecting biodiversity

    Organic farming is beneficial for biodiversity. Its methods take care of the natural environment, where insects and other species create their own ecosystem of life.

    Cal Valls biodiversidad
  • Cal Valls compostage

    100% Composting

    All the organic vegetable waste that we generate during food processing is used for animal feed and to make our compost, part of which is made up of the manure from these animals.

  • Cal Valls Estalvi energetic

    Energy saving

    100% of the electrical energy we consume comes from renewable sources. 60% of this energy comes from the sun, thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our facilities.

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  • Cal Valls biodiversidad


    The proximity of most of our crops helps to reduce the carbon footprint and promotes the local economy and the small farmer. This also allows us to work with fresh produce.

  • Cal Valls fresco

    The fresher the raw material, the better the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the aliment will be preserved

    Cal Valls fresco
  • Cal Valls ahorro agua

    Water saving

    Both for our crops and for the processing of our products, we use water-saving techniques that allow us to optimize the use of water, a resource that is as precious as it is scarce.

  • Cal envases respetuosos

    Environmentally friendly packaging

    Our preserves and juices are packaged in glass, a 100% recyclable and reusable material. In addition, glass prevents the migration of unwanted substances into the food. Our lids are Bisphenol A-free and our labels are easy to remove, made from recycled FSC paper.

    Cal Valls envases respetuosos
  • Cal Valls Tranparencia etiquetas

    Transparency in labelling

    It is important to know what we eat. For this reason, on our labels you will find the ingredients and nutritional data of each Cal Valls product, in which no additives are added.

    We respect the genuine taste of natural food. Furthermore, we do not use any allergens to make our products in the production plant at our facilities, in Vilanova de Bellpuig.

  • Cal Valls biodiversidad

    “Organic farming takes care of the environment and, therefore, our health.”